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Stainless steel mesh
The stainless steel mesh is mainly used in acid and alkali conditions sieving and filtering, the mud for the oil industry, chemical fiber industry as the sieve net, as pickling electroplating industry, gas, liquid filtration and separation with other media. General use of stainless wire mesh, nickel wire, brass wire as material. The specification of stainless steel mesh is mainly between 2-1000 mesh. Anping County metal wire mesh products Co., Ltd. John game has many years production experience in screen. The production of stainless steel mesh has the characteristics of stable filtration, fine and so on. Can also be designed according to the user needs a variety of models of stainless steel products. The deep processing of products mainly include: stainless steel net filter barrel, filter bag, filter ball, mesh sheet, printed with the net, the battery with the net, electronic component net, stainless steel mesh belt, mesh, mesh composite sintering
Stainless steel net main use:
Chemical: acid and alkali solution filtration, chemical experiments, chemical particle filter, corrosive gas filter, corrosive dust filter, etc.
Petroleum: petroleum refining, petroleum mud filtration, separation of impurities, etc.
Medicine: Chinese medicine decoction filtration, filtration, purification and other drug particles
Electronics: circuit board structure, electronic components, acid and alkali batteries, radiation protection module, etc.

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