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Polyester Printing Screen
Stainless steel printing mesh editing material: SUS304N, 304HP, 316L
Weaving: plain weave features: [] high tension tension is higher than that of polyester mesh ultra high precision and high stability [] opening diameter is relatively uniform, the error rate is very low [Extension] minimum under high tension, screen stretch a small degree [high yield point] high tension will lose elasticity deformation [high degree wear] steel wire excellent wear resistance than fiber [no] electrostatic prevent static electricity, ensure the printing effect [] for good heat melt hot melt ink, steel net is special advantages of good solvent resistance [] to prevent various solvent produce damage to the screen, ensure the printing safety. Use: stainless steel wire cloth for printing plate. The surface for surface printing products, such as glass, ceramics, metal, plastic, rubber, printing circuit. Particularly suitable for use in harsh environments, multi-color overprint, batch printing, tone printing, precision printing ages.

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