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Function characteristic
Strong anti impact force, anti-theft, bullet proof, anti mosquito resistance, high temperature resistance, flame retardant, high strength, toughness, and the surface of bright and beautiful appearance, can better increase the air flow rate and the sun's rays. Anti theft by insect net, stainless steel wire woven, after surface spray processing, color (black, gray and other colors). Hidden in aluminum doors and windows, so that they are integrated into one organic. The stainless steel mesh is hidden in the window frame, aluminum strips, beautiful and generous. Truly reflects the anti-theft, pest control, ventilation, three-in-one. And emergency escape convenient, no barrier, no shelter. Easy to clean, as long as a piece of cloth will be able to clean very clean. Long service life, can be 15-50 years.

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Company : Anping Hansai Metal Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd
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