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PVC welded wire mesh
Welded wire mesh: wire net welded, wire mesh welded
Welded wire mesh is made of high quality low carbon steel wire, and then cold plating (electroplating), hot plating, PVC plastic and other surface passivation, plastic processing. To achieve smooth surface, uniform mesh, welded wire mesh coated solder joint.
PVC coated wire mesh
Material: low carbon steel wire, PVC coated
Manufacturing process: steel wire coated after welding can also separate electroplating, hot plating and coating.
PVC coated wire mesh application: industry, agriculture, municipal, transportation and other sectors of the fence, decoration, protection and other facilities.
PVC coated wire mesh features: good corrosion resistance, weather resistance, aging resistance, beautiful appearance. Installation is simple and quick.
Solid, local machining performance is good, stable, good weather resistance, corrosion resistance is good.

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