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Hexagonal mesh
Hexsteel is a special metal material is made of high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, hexagonal three-dimensional net assembled by professional stamping equipment, six side holes are communicated with each other, easy bending radian, spot welding in the inner wall of the shell, with refractory aggregate, can increase the service life of several times, and refractory material will not peel off, long service life. Generally used for wear resistant material lining, enhance the ability to anchor and lining materials. In the silk industry, hexsteel has been widely applied to various fields, but also by many users. Hexsteel has high temperature resistance, fire resistance and corrosion prevention and other functions, is the preferred material industry and mechanical equipment manufacturing enterprises. It can be used to cast the lining material, enhance the fixed effect and make it more secure. In the use process, there are many places need to pay attention to, in order to reflect the characteristics of the hexsteel largest. When in use should be hexsteel and furnace or other wall welded together to fix, and then coated with some refractory materials, adding high temperature effect and abrasion resistance.

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