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I-Net is called I-Net, because of his little latitude of different size, different mesh size. Reasonable collocation and in order to achieve the filtering mesh wire with square mesh density can not be achieved. So the I-Net are fine wire mesh filter, but are generally greater than the diameter of the wire diameter of warp weft threads. Contrast type weave is called contrast, because many coarse than warp weft. (I can't reach the filtering accuracy of the general stainless steel mesh).
Material: stainless steel wire, nickel wire, black iron wire
Weaving: plain woven stainless steel wire mesh (plain - forty-five), stainless steel wire mesh (twill weave twill woven bamboo - LP), stainless steel wire mesh, stainless steel wire mesh weaving contrasts.
For precision pressure filter, fuel filter, vacuum filter and applied to aerospace, petroleum, chemical industry, chemical fiber, rubber, tire manufacturing, metallurgy, medicine, food and other industries.
Performance: it has the characteristics of stable filtration, fine and so on.

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